Terms and Conditions for Self Beauty and Wellness Mobile Massage:

1. Basic Information:

1.1 These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) regulate the massage therapist’s (the “Therapist”) provision of mobile massage services (the “Services”) to the client (the “Client”).

1.2. These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) govern the payment process for mobile massage services (“Services”) booked through the mobile massage website.

1.3. By booking a mobile massage appointment and making a payment upfront, the client (“Client”) agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

2. Scope of Services:

2.1. The Therapist will perform mobile massage services at the Client’s designated location.

2.2. The Therapist will bring all necessary massage apparatus, such as a massage table, oils, and other supplies.

2.3. In view of the effects of COVID-19, mobile massage clients are required to provide their own towels. The purpose of this precaution is to ensure the health and wellbeing of both the client and the massage therapist. By supplying their own towels, clients can reduce the risk of potential transmission by ensuring that they are using clean, personal linens during the massage session. This policy adheres to the suggested hygiene practices and guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. The mobile massage service remains committed to providing a safe and soothing experience while adapting to the precautions required in these trying times.

2.4. The Therapist will provide massage services that are professional, respectful, and tailored to the Client’s specific requirements and preferences.

3. Contraindications and Health Issues:

3.1 The Client must inform the Therapist of any health conditions, injuries, allergies, or other concerns that may affect the massage treatment or endanger the Client’s health. The Client must state if they are under 14weeks pregnant, as massage services can not be delivered until the Client is 14weeks and above due to health and safety reasons.

3.2 The Therapist reserves the right to refuse or modify massage treatment if, in their professional judgment, it poses a health risk to the Client or is contraindicated for specific conditions or circumstances.

4. Payment:

4.1. The Client is required to make full payment for the Services at the time of booking through the mobile massage website.

4.2. Accepted payment methods will be specified on the website and may include credit/debit card payments, online payment platforms, or other electronic payment options.

4.3. The Client acknowledges that the payment process is secure and encrypted to protect personal and financial information.

4.4 The Client acknowledges that all charges, fees, and taxes applicable to the Services are the Client’s responsibility and are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

5.Confirmation of Booking:

5.1. Upon successful completion of the upfront payment, the Client will receive a confirmation of the booking via email or other specified communication channels.

5.2. The booking confirmation will include details of the appointment, such as date, time, location, and any additional information relevant to the Services.

6. Cancellation and Rescheduling:

6.1. The Client must provide at least 48 hours’ notice when canceling or rescheduling an appointment.

Failure to provide the required cancellation notice may result in a cancellation fee equal to a percentage of the appointed appointment fee, as determined by the Therapist.

6.2. In the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances that prevent the Therapist from providing scheduled services, the Therapist will make every effort to reschedule the appointment at the earliest opportunity that is convenient for both parties.

7. Responsibility and Release:

7.1 The Client acknowledges that massage therapy carries with it certain risks, including but not limited to distress, pain, and allergic reactions.

7.2. The Therapist shall not be liable for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the performance of the Services, except in cases of proved negligence or misconduct on the Therapist’s part.

7.3 The Client agrees to indemnify and hold blameless the Therapist from any liability, claims, or damages arising from the provision of Services.

8. Adherence to Relevant Laws and Regulations:

The Therapist and the Client shall comply with all laws, regulations, and licensing requirements applicable to the provision and receipt of massage services, including but not limited to health and safety regulations, data protection laws, and any local, regional, or national regulations governing the practice of massage therapy.

9. Confidentiality:

9.1 The Therapist will maintain stringent confidentiality with respect to any personal information disclosed by the Client during the massage treatment, in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

9.2. This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where the Services are provided.

All disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the appropriate jurisdiction.

By scheduling an appointment for a mobile massage, the Client affirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.